What is Mobile Wallet?

  • Mobile Wallet is a virtual wallet that holds your debit and credit card information.
  • Mobile Wallets utilize technology you already own – your smartphone, for example – to allow you to make in-store payments quickly and securely without looking for your debit card. 
  • It’s easy to set up your Pony Express Bank Debit Card in your Mobile Wallet through one or more of our partners—Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay. See links below for more details.

Is Mobile Wallet secure?

  • Mobile Wallet is both secure and a preferred method of payment to physical cards and cash, which are easier to steal.
  • Mobile Wallet can also help protect against fraud and identity theft.

How do I use Mobile Wallet once set up?

  • You can use your preferred Mobile Wallet provider (Apply Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay) by using your mobile device to pay in stores without swiping your card.

*Please note: The store must support Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay; appropriate signage is typically displayed to promote that this type of payment method is available.

  • Online shopping: Since many websites are starting to accept mobile wallets, users can easily make purchases without having the specifics of their payment information on hand.

Click below to set up your preferred Mobile Wallet today! 

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