"Pony Express is everything we could ask for out of a bank. We have our business and personal accounts there. We have tried a lot of other places and felt like we were just a number, couldn’t be more different at Pony Express. Everyone in the bank treats you like you’re a part of a family. I couldn’t recommend ALL of the people that work there enough. It’s one thing for a few people to care, but they’ve built a culture there that I can only strive for in my company."

— Brock Hall


"My husband and I recently moved to Liberty and we switched our accounts to Pony Express. The service we received from the beginning was amazing. Our account rep, Amy was very friendly and knowledgable and helped us set up everything we needed to get things going. The few times we have gone in the bank since then, we have brought our dog, and the whole bank is so welcoming and friendly to us and her. We would definitely recommend this bank, as service like this is very hard to find these days."

— John Foster


"Absolutely love this bank! We have several different accounts with Pony Express and anytime we have had an issue (even internationally) they have responded quickly and responsibly to our issue. I cannot speak more highly of the personal and professional way their employees interact to help their customers. Keep up the good service!"

— Jennifer Stipetich


"I’ve been banking here over 20 years and have had nothing but great experiences. Wonderful small town banking feel where you’re treated like a friend, not just a customer. Most recently had a minor issue with a check that at most other banks I’ve dealt with would have taken jumping through hoops and days to fix. After talking with Lyndsey, and mind you it was a mistake that I made, she took the time to go the extra mile and ensure it got taken care of. GREAT BANK!!"

— Sheckey Hart 


"Great customer service! They always go the extra mile. Love having a bank where they care about not only their customers but the community as well."

— Jennifer Grundy


"Have been banking at the Liberty location for years and have been incredibly pleased with customer service! Small, hometown bank feel where you are not just a number!"

— Madison Sanders


"We've been customers with Pony Express for over 15 years. They have watched us grow our family and continue to take care of all our banking needs. We are so grateful to have bankers that treat us like family! Pony Express Bank is truly one of a kind!"

— Mindi Porter Griffin


"Some reasons why we love Pony Express, fantastic service, very friendly staff who always greet you with a smile and hello, the staff knows you by name, always willing to answer any questions you have and treat you like you are important to them. We are so happy that we switched from a mega bank to Pony Express, there is no comparison. Love banking at Pony Express! Keep up the good work!"

— Brenda Flickinger


"Small hometown feel with big city amenities! Great personal service. Would recommend this to any and all. All my children started here."

— Theresa J. Odneal


"We have both personal and business accounts with Pony Express that we have held for years. We are always extremely satisfied with the staff and how things are handled for us and regarding our accounts. The personal connection is top of our list! The small town feeling is what we get from Pony Express. We will continue to be loyal customers and refer others."

— Cara Sue Hall


"Thank you again for the exceptional service that you provide at Pony Express. No matter who you speak with in your organization, they treat you like you are the only customer. Everything has been fantastic, thank you!"

— Mike Carney


"Pony Express definitely has their act together. Our family recently closed all of our personal and business accounts at a mega bank because they've totally lost touch with the customer and with what the definition of 'customer service' is. Today, when we walk in to Pony Express, they greet us by name (and a smile) and all their staff cares about the customer. It's an absolute joy to bank at Pony Express and I recommend them every chance I get to any of my business peers and friends."

— Daryn Ross


"I have had the pleasure of banking at Pony Express Bank in Liberty for over 15 years! They are truly a class act! I actually look forward to taking care of my banking needs and getting to say hi to all the staff. They always make my day. They are friendly and truly care about me and my family. Both of my grown children have continued to bank there as well. Great bank with great people!!!"

— Jan Hahn


"They truly care about you and make you feel so special. It really is a small town feeling when you walk through their doors."

— Kristen Roby Uhlman


"Pony Express has been my bank since the day I moved to Liberty. They have helped me through every banking issue and have never treated me poorly. There were there to answer my questions and walk me through my banking blunders. I couldn't imagine banking anywhere else. I LOVE MY PONY EXPRESS BANK!"

— Sondra Bowers


"We love Pony Express Bank because of their friendliness and helpful attitude. We especially appreciate their support of the community, particularly American Cancer Society's Relay for Life."

— Kathy Wideman Campbell


"We love banking with Pony Express because they make the business banking experience super smooth and easy! We always feel welcomed when we walk through the door!"

— Jessica Watt


"I love banking at Pony Express Bank because they are like family! They are friendly and helpful!"

— Mary Hughson


"I feel very fortunate to have the support of such a great community bank for personal and business banking! Pony Express Bank is a great business because it has so many great people on their staff!

— Steve Mathews