Pony Express Bank operates in two eras. Our banking accounts, products, and online services are cutting edge. But when it comes to customer service, we tend to be old-fashioned. We deal with our customers individually, treating people like people, not numbers. Our customers are our neighbors, after all.

Our History

Pony Express Bank isn't about a history lesson, but the 133-year old community bank does have one of the most extensive records of achievement of any financial institution in the area.

Pony Express Bank began in the small northwest Missouri farming town of Braymer. The bank's charter was first issued in September 1890 as Farmers and Traders Bank of Braymer. In 1904, the bank became First National Bank of Braymer. In 1993, as southward expansion began, the current name, Pony Express Bank, was adopted.

The early days were not unusual for a community bank in a rural location. Farm loans, community involvement, and personal service were the keys to the bank's growth. The bank even helped build a telephone line in 1901 from Braymer to Stet.

This kind of community involvement has helped build the bank's customer loyalty. It's one of the reasons why the bank has grown from its initial investment of $20,000 in 1890 to assets today that exceed $340 million.

Much of our growth has occurred since the 1990s as the Northland's population has increased. With its personal service, including extra services for small-business and commercial customers, Pony Express Bank has proven to be a valuable partner in Northland growth.